Weiss Architecture Studio

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Landscape Design

Wildscape Projects is looking at landscapes as complex systems where nature and people interact and capture the character of the land. We believe that the only way forward is allowing space for nature in our immediate environment and commited to shape our perceptions of nature, landscape and built environment in creative ways. We opt for ecological design, working with the land, with geology, climate, flora and fauna, but also – not the least – with time, people and processes, thus working towards a sustainable way of landscaping. Therefore, every design aims to contribute to the diversity of local ecosystems and design built landscapes to be a unique response to place.

Plant Ecologies

Wildscape Projects offers and focuses on planting design that works with natural processes, inspired by natural habitats and succession, experience of plant growing and experiments of mixes. This approach allows planting mixes to evolve within space and time, adapt to natural processes, create habitats and encourage people to explore and engage with nature. Whether the design dictates formality or simplicity, the ecological frame is to provide space for resiliency, interact with the often irregular patterns of nature and create a potential for diversity.


Visualisation provides ground for experimenting, play and a deeper understanding of the design process. A design is always the result of exploration, testing of concepts and options. Understanding the character and imagining the physical outcome is often not straightforward. Landscape design is a collaborative process, where designers and client explore, solve problems and respond to specific requirements together. A clear understanding is vital for a satisfactory result, visualising architectural ideas is therefore the essential part of the design process.


The detailing and realisation  is probably the most exciting, challenging and rewarding part of a project. The design concept comes alive through details and this is decisive in the perception of the finished landscape. As a result of careful, high quality detailing, appropriate material choices and construction methods we will experience the landscape through a different eye, experience textures, colours and smells in a new way.

Every project is unique, achieving the design intent requires expertise and collaboration. Wildscape Projects offers liasing with contractors, managing the tender process and overseeing the construction to the final handover, or even monitoring following completion.